The Class of 2018 Mascot

One of my good friends from school is basically a super hero, although she would probably disagree. A few weeks before our first year of medical school started she had a little boy, and she has been managing to kill the medical school thing while still being a great Mom to a newborn. So, as his first birthday approaches I thought I would show you all a few things I have made for him over the last year. But first, I must say that he is quite frankly the most adorable baby I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Our class has all but dubbed him the Class of 2018’s mascot, I cannot wait to watch him grow over the next 3 years.

When I IMG_3941first learned that my friend’s husband was an Oakland Raiders fan I had THE best idea ever! I grew up in Colorado, andI figured the best way to welcome these Californian’s to the state was to present them a gift in the form of a Broncos themed beanie for the wee lad. You see, I grew up in the era of our lord and savior John Elway and on Sundays we worshiped at the alter of the NFL per my fathers wishes. It was a good time to be a Broncos fan, I remember how electric the city felt the night they finally won that Super Bowl in ’97. I also remember the extremely contentious rivalry that once existed between the Raiders and the Broncos, so it just made sense to make this hat. Unfortunately, I think that he might be a raiders fan like his pops, take a look at that frown. I still have hope that I can convert him in 3 years.

As it tIMG_4539urns out babies heads grow quite quickly, medical school has taught me a lot thus far! Which means that he basically grew out of that awesome hat in less than a month flat. With winter rapidly approaching I had to make up something to keep his ever expanding head warm through these cold Colorado winters. That’s when I stumbled across this gem ( in on of my favorite crocheting

IMG_4856blogs All About Ami! I knew this was the hat for him, and apparently he also approved because, well look at that face of joy! I ended up having to make him the the toddler size just so that he wouldn’t grow out of it too quickly. He rocked that thing all winter, apparently it was a huge hit with the public. When they made a trip to the Denver Zoo they were asked a few times by other zoo goers if that hat was available for purchase in the zoo. In fact it was after she told me about their trip to the zoo that I really started to think about making this blog, and shout out to her because the awesome name “Made it in Med School” definitely came from her! I suppose that it is really fitting that my first post about crocheting is about her little guy!


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