The Joker at 30

I know it has been awhile since I have had a chance to post a project, but because I have been slacking there are two to post. Both are birthday gifts, so I have to wait until the birthdays pass before writing about the gifts, no spoilers! I will say that the next post will feature my first knitting project featured on the blog! Now, on to this weeks project…

This past week my older brother turned 30. My family has never been that big on birthdays, but this one seemed like a big deal. I decided I would have to make something for my brother to celebrate this one. Growing up, there were a few things that my brother was obsessed with… the Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, but his 100% all time favorite was Batman. Being the younger sibling I was constantly forced to play Batman with him and watch the old school movies with him on repeat. To be honest I didn’t mind it too much, I always enjoyed hanging out with my big brother.

So, that brings me to thIMG_1033e point of this post, his birthday gift! I searched high and low for a bad-ass batman amigurumi pattern and for the most part came up empty-handed. Most of the patterns I could find were geared towards young children, which is totally understandable. I finally stumbled across something that I thought he would really like. His all time favorite character from the Batman Universe is The Joker, and I found a PERFECT amigurumi by Eden Dintsikos. The pattern is on Ravelry for free download here: Mine didn’t turn out quite as menacing as the original, but it was a complete hit! It was like my brother was thrown back to being a 10-year-old kid, I mean look at that smile!

My brother decided that The Joker would also like to play golf.

Some notes on the pattern; everything is worked in the round starting with a magic circle. If you have never done amigurumi, or you have but haven’t tried a magic circle I highly recommend learning this technique! It is great for making a starting circle that does not have that funky hole in the middle. If you want to learn, I recommend just popping over to good ol’ YouTube and punching in “Magic Circle Crochet” it’ll change your world! I use it for anything that is worked in the round. To make this little guy you’ll need four colors, I got mine from the Red Heart Soft collection (white, grape, dark leaf (shirt), and guacamole (hair)). I was lucky and picked the yarn up at Michael’s for about $1 each, got to love those Michael’s coupons! Alright, that is all for now, expect my first knitting post in about a weeks time!


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